About Leading Edge

$28 trillion (26%) could be added to global GDP in 2025 if men and women participated in their economies equally. 

Repeatedly, research has shown that people, businesses, and national economies would be stronger if there were more gender equality. Women’s participation is a driver of prosperity for all.

Perception matters

Perception influences women’s participation in every aspect of society, government, and business. In countries or sectors where attitudes and policies are not conducive to women’s leadership, the women who are leading pave the way toward a more equal society by showing what can be done. These women encourage not just other women but everyone to think differently about the value of equality.

Women leading economic development around the world

Supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Leading Edge project highlights women business leaders who are blazing new trails and shaping their countries’ economies.

Women leadership for strong and resilient economies 

The project showcases success stories of women leaders across sectors, and geographies. It underscores the need for policies and practices that promote both equality and economic development. 

Just imagine how much could be accomplished if investment in women entrepreneurs were equal to the investment in men

What would it take for these inspirational stories to help define the new normal? Working together, governments and civil societies, grassroots organisations and corporations from around the world can drive change and implement concrete, ambitious, transformative investments and policies that will accelerate equality, leadership, and opportunity for women and girls. Improving women’s economic rights and justice is a shared responsibility.   

Leading Edge

Leading Edge is a project of the Reykjavík Global Forum – Women Leaders. At this annual gathering leaders from all continents and all sectors connect to share solutions that foster greater parity in decision-making and shape sustainable pathways to economic and social development. 

Are you a leader driven to ensure that women and men have equal access to leadership positions? The time for change is now. Amplify these examples of success, pledge your commitment, initiate your own activities and advocacy, and stimulate economic development through investments in women’s entrepreneurship. Follow Leading Edge on social media and YouTube.